Monday, July 11, 2011

Tips for Tinted Car Windows

Tinted Windows are easily one of the more controversial modifications that can be made to a vehicle. While they are allowed in some locations, they are not allowed in others. It is important for all to understand exactly why they are allowed or disallowed, and the consequences that may come from these modifications.

While there is plenty to know and understand about them, these are a few pieces of information for you to consider before purchasing a used car with tinted windows of a car you already own.

Laws by State

There are different laws in every state in regards to tinted windows, and for various reasons. Most states that have strict laws state that the laws are in place to help protect police officers and other members of law enforcement. They allow individuals to hide their actions, which may include a gun in some instances. The lack of them, especially in the front, helps to eliminate that risk.

Some states simply dictate how heavy it can be, with some allowing near black-outs and others only allowing a small tint. Other states dictate how it must be applied - some must fade out from one side or from top to bottom. There are some states that simply do not allow you to tint them, or only allow you to have the back of your vehicle completed.

Those who do not follow the laws in their state will find that there are multiple fines that may be assessed. Some states, like the state of Michigan, provide options for those who are caught with them. If the individual who has been given a ticket for tinted windows provides a receipt and proof that they have removed the tints from their windows, the ticket will be thrown out. This is in place to do more than just "deter" individuals for using tints, but to actually get citizens to remove the offending tints.

Those who are lucky enough to be in states that do not have laws regarding tinted windows will find that nearly everyone has some sort of tint on their windows. The tint serves two different purposes - the first purpose is to make the car look cleek and sexy. The other purpose is for privacy, keeping other individuals from looking into the vehicle.

They can help to make a car look more interesting, more sports-like, and sexy. For many, tinted windows put the finishing touch on a car that is all about looks and beauty. While this is allowed in some states, it is not allowed in others. You simply need to work to understand the laws of your area or take on the consequences of having them. For some, the windows are worth the law-breaking consequences. Others will simply wait until the move to a different location before they use tinted windows on a vehicle.

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